You will try to enjoy your sentence but we won’t let you, the costant grind to break free is painful and despisable, when you have an alphabet of mines can you ever rest in piece?

MINES are from A-Z and once your out you can break FREE into a vast plain where you can relax and life the rest of your life

PVP is a big part of this server, if you beat a well equipped player you may be in for a treat!

PLOTS are a place where you can store items and make farms for extra money, but be careful PVP is enabled in the plots, you dont want to be caught building thats for sure.

BAR GAMBLING is a option for some extra cash, but are you sure of oyur luck?

Once you get free you are bound to come back with your record, so prestige and try to break free faster and faster

Various VIP ranks with some life facilitating loot!


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