Do you enjoy the classic minecraft style with a cherry on top?
Well we got news for you! In survival you can have the privilege of being able to do everything that minecraft has to offer + JOBS, CLAIMS and even BOUNTIES!

CLAIMS protect your lovely house from griefing and robbers by using a simple golden shovel! How simple can you get? When you have a starting 101 blocks of claiming where can you ever go wrong?

BOUNTIES are one of the various ways of getting the sweet dollar bills, simply accept a bountie and hunt for that player, but whatchout there may be a reason for their bounty. Do you also want revenge? HA, easy, just let other players do it for you by setting a bountie!

JOBS are the main way of getting money here, with 10+ jobs to choose from you will never get bored!

PETS are also a thing, you can get them in vote crates and other crates!

Various VIP ranks with some life facilitating loot!


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